Risk-Free Trial of Luminary V is Risky

I saw an online ad for the Luminary V brain supplement while browsing a web page about two weeks ago. It used Dr. Ben Carson’s name and photo and implied an endorsement, so I clicked for more information. I landed on a website that told me all about Luminary V and offered a free trial.

I cannot now remember the name of the site I landed on, but when I placed my order Next Gen Health Solutions processed it.  Although we are already taking two other pills to help our memory, I thought maybe I should try Luminary V because of all its claims to be even better.  Some people testified they had seen an improvement within hours of taking the pills. That sounded unrealistic to me, but I expected I would notice some improvement before the 30-day trial period was over.


Beware Luminary V Risk-Free Trial Scams


I have dealt with many supplement companies in the past twenty years. I have never had a problem with any of them.  Medix Select has never cheated me with billing. I have also dealt with Princeton Nutrients and Cellusyn Labs and been very happy. My only complaint with any of these companies is that if you call to reorder something, a phone sales rep will try to get you to add onto your order for a better deal. I don’t like to spend the time on the phone. I can usually see the same deals on the company websites. But the products I’ve tried are of excellent quality and I’ve always felt I’ve been dealing with honest companies. On the rare occasions when I’ve had a problem it was quickly resolved.

The Free Trial Offer for Luminary V Is Misleading

When I saw the Risk-Free Trial Offer for Luminary V, I expected that seller would also deal honestly with me. I was disappointed. I wish I had listened to my gut instinct and not completed my order.

The order form, like many others, tells you upfront that if you do not cancel your order before the 30-day free trial period ends, they will charge your credit card and keep sending more product every month until you do cancel.  So I placed my order for a free trial bottle of Luminary V and $4.95 for shipping and handling. I knew if I did not cancel, they would send another bottle the next month and charge me $87.95. What I didn’t quite understand was that this was to pay for the “free trial” bottle — not the next one.

They would then continue to send a new bottle every month until I did cancel.  The offer was presented in such a way that it appeared the first bottle was free and the next bottles sent would be charged. Since I cannot find the site now to check the actual offer I responded to, I’m relying on my receipt from Next Gen Health Solutions, the company that processed and shipped the order, for the details I mentioned above. They came with the order.

As I searched for the website I ordered from, I found several different websites that advertise Luminary V. However, the pictures of the product and the directions for use are sometimes different from one site to another. It appears affiliate sites are selling the product and sending people to the landing page at Next Gen. It is on that page you can easily be tricked.

Luminary V Has Many Low Reviews

Better Business Bureau Complaints

Interestingly enough, most complaints are not about the product but about being tricked into ordering products people didn’t want and being unable to get money back. When I became a victim myself, the first site I checked was the Better Business Bureau. The billing company, Next Gen Health Solutions, who is also the manufacturer, got only negative reviews. Read the complaints on the Better Business Bureau Site here. My own complaint is similar.

On other complaint sites I read that the company sometimes used a bait and switch approach. These complaints were chiefly about the male enhancement products the company makes. Some say the trial product and first few bottles worked and then the packaging changed and the product in the new package didn’t work or even made the customers sick. My Luminary V has not made me sick, but I haven’t finished the first bottle yet. My complaint is with advertising and billing. When I checked the bottle again today, I see it only contained enough pills for half a month if you followed the directions on the bottle. $87.95 is a of money for only half a month’s supply.

Amazon Reviews

When I looked for reviews on Amazon, there were none, since Amazon doesn’t carry it. Perhaps Next Gen Health Solutions makes its money by trapping people into shipments they don’t want rather than by producing a great product. If you want to see memory products that are reviewed by Amazon, you can see what they do carry here. My husband and I use Neuro-HD and Lipogen PS Plus. Reviews differ because different ingredients are in each product. We take both to keep all our bases covered.

I am 75 and my husband is almost eighty. He takes both brands of memory pills regularly. He feels the difference in his memory quickly if we run out. So we try not to run out. I do not take the pills regularly according to directions anymore because I have issues with the pill scheduling. I used to take Neuro-HD every morning half an hour before breakfast as directed, but now I’m on new heart medications that interfere with that schedule unless I happen to wake up earlier than usual. My plan was to substitute the Luminary V for the Lipogen during the trial period, but other medical issues kept me from taking the Luminary V more than a couple of times. I will finish the bottle, but I won’t reorder because I no longer trust the company.



Why I Don’t Trust Next Gen Health Solutions

This morning my husband got a text on his cell phone from the bank that issued our Amazon Rewards Credit Card. It asked if we authorized the charge for $87.95 from Next Gen. The amount rang a bell. I found my receipt for my Luminary V purchase and confirmed the company name and the amount. I had been planning to cancel the order just before the trial period ended. The trial period still had a few days left.

Since Next Gen charged my card before the end of the trial period, I told the bank I had not authorized the charge. Then the bank wanted to cancel my card and issue a replacement.  I called them to explain that I had authorized the payment for a later date and I’d been planning to cancel before that date arrived. A card replacement would cause problems with my many standing automatic orders I have authorized. I didn’t want to disrupt them.  My bank said it will block Next Gen from making any more  charges.

What I find interesting is why my bank notified me. It hasn’t notified me about automatic charges from any other companies. The “fraud squad” explained that they had received many other complaints about charges from this company. That’s why they notified me before putting the charge through.

Next Gen Health Solutions has very misleading terms of service. They put an extra product in my cart I didn’t want or need and did not have any box to uncheck to remove it from my order. My instinct told me I should quit the order right then, but I didn’t listen. I believed that I could just cancel the order for both products before they charged me. I still thought they might be honest. But after reading all the online complaints  I no longer believe that. I wrote this post to warn others who might be tempted to order this product thinking there is no financial risk.

Warning: Beware Luminary V Scams

So Do Any Memory Boosting Supplements Work?

I believe that depends on the individual. To perform at its best, our brains do need nutrients we don’t always get from food. As we get older we do get less of these nutrients. Sometimes we do need help in boosting our short-term memory. We forget where we put things and we even may forget medical appointments. Different supplements provide different nutrients. Your body may not need the same ones my body or my husband’s body needs. Maybe one supplement will meet your needs, or maybe you will need two, like my husband does.

I suggest you buy products from a reliable company like Amazon that you can trust to handle complaints fairly. Buy a month’s supply because it usually takes a few weeks to know if there is any improvement. At the end of the month decide if you should order more. If you notice a lot of improvement, order a larger quantity the second time so that you don’t run out. If you run out you will have to start over to get the cumulative effect.

Before you order, check the ingredient list to make sure no ingredients interact unfavorably with other medications you are taking. For example, some people should not take ginkgo biloba or St. John’s Wort, ingredients in some memory supplements, with certain heart medications. Always consult your doctor before you start a new medication.


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Warning: Beware Luminary V Scams

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